Project owners need someone they trust who will take responsibility to complete their project in a timely and effective manner that achieves the owner’s end goals.

The owners need to be sure that the project will accomplish their goals and that the building will meet their specific needs.

The owner requires an advocate who will represent their interests to everyone involved in the project, and to know the costs and the risks as clearly as they can be known.

The best advocate for your project will have a clear picture of the desired finished project, will recognize the milestones that have to be reached, and will have the skills to overcome your project’s inevitable obstacles.

In a word, someone needs to be accountable.

Accountability is a value and a character trait. It is an attitude that accepts responsibility to achieve the outcomes in a timely and effective manner. It is the habit of acting consistently with our promises and keeping our word.

  • We were very pleased with the honesty and forthrightness of Genesis throughout the process, including the timelines and budget figures. We never had to question or double-check the reports or progress claims. Their presentation to the client at monthly meetings was well crafted and concise. - Erwin Greisinger, President, The Courtenay Group