When you set out to bring a building into reality, you inevitably face complex challenges, many of which are unknown at the start. Successful construction projects navigate budget issues, permitting hurdles, and crucial design decisions. Real-world projects are about relationships. The municipal authorities and the designers, the construction manager, consultants and subcontractors—and the client’s own organization—all have a very human element. Schedules adjust constantly and priorities vary, so even the best processes are challenged.

Genesis represents the client’s interests at the centre of the project, connecting all the people and coordinating the moving parts in order to achieve our client’s goals.

We welcome our role as the central point of resolution. We bring you the insight and information that you need to make the best possible choices as the project progresses.

As our client, your objectives and best interests drive what we do, advocating for you at every stage of every project.

  • The key to a great relationship is a mutual commitment to create the best possible outcome for the owner of the project; Genesis is committed to this and works on behalf of the owners interests.” -Tim Visser, Transept Architecture