The people you choose to work with on your project and the way you work with them are critical to the project’s success. The approach you take to managing these relationships has a direct impact on the project’s outcomes.

One construction philosophy holds that contract arrangements serve the client’s interests best when they ensure an adversarial relationship between the contractors and the designers, or between the contractors and the sub-trades. Our experience suggests otherwise.

The best way to accomplish your goals and objectives is to build positive, transparent, results-oriented relationships with all the people involved in the project.

Over and over, we find that relationships based on trust reduce project risks. Project cost, schedule and quality all improve. Information gets shared more freely. Problems get identified and resolved promptly.

Placing a premium on collaboration and on resolving problems early builds productive partnerships, reducing cost risk and schedule risk – all to the client’s benefit.

  • In an industry known for adversarial relationships and guarded trust, it is refreshing to find a construction firm that values the opposite. We have found Genesis to be collaborative, respectful, innovative, and trustworthy. Their Project Managers see beyond construction and understand how effective relationship-based business is to finish a project strong. Our firm looks forward to every opportunity to work with Genesis! - Brad Kennedy, Architect, AAA, AIBC, MRAIC, Principal, Brinsmead Kennedy Architecture