Our business is built on trust.

Genesis manages with clearly articulated, proven processes. That’s part of building trust. Yet integrity and openness accomplish
more than even the best process could possibly guarantee. As your trust grows in the integrity of the construction manager, you become more confident that you will achieve your goals.

We’ve discovered that ongoing trust requires transparency and openness. Our experience demonstrates that complete
transparency on costs, schedule and project challenges achieves the highest value for the client.

Openness and transparency mean that information comes to light early. Transparency is necessary to align the whole team of consultants, subcontractors and construction professionals around achieving the owner’s goals.

For the client, transparency means timely access to all the information that is known to the contractor, including costs and the progress of the project, giving the client a clear view of the total project.

  • You get quality when you work with people who feel good about what they are doing—who take pride in creating value for their clients. The primary currency of business is not money, it is trust. The fundamental issue in a business relationship is, “Are they trustworthy or not?” I trust Genesis completely.  - Rodger Woods, Architect